We offer clients professional and personal assistance with shoreline protection design

We work with top shoreline protection engineers to provide the appropriate design for your specific shoreline needs. From construction, forming to supply and installation of armour stone and concrete block wall systems, SilverLine has the solutions to your project.

We also offer unique services such as the construction of gabion baskets and the supply and installation of Geoteck fabrics.

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* Photo of Prudhommes Landing/ Antique Market, Vineland

For over 30 years, SilverLine Group has successfully installed and completed shoreline protection projects

Our projects have been completed along the banks of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for both residential homes, cottages, building sites and commercial sites.

Our professional team can meet on-site for an assessment of an existing eroding or damaged shoreline or to quote on a new shoreline protection. Armour stone, Concrete block and Revetment solutions are available.

From conception and design, to permitting and construction, we do all the heavy lifting!